Robust reproduction functionalities capable of the latest communication protocols from Oracle to VoIP.
With CSP option, even reveals communication over SSL as well.


Not only the body text but the attached files are available as well.

☆ E-mail message visualization

PacketBlackHole rebuilds the fragments of a message to visualize it in a user-friendly way. In detailed list view which includes body text excerpt of each message, you can browse through massive number of messages with much less pain. Change over to frame mode when you check messages one by one in details. It will save you much effort. As messages are downloadable in mbox format, it may also be useful in restoring lost messages.

List frame

☆ E-mail attachment visualization

Files attached to E-mail messages often carry confidential information or incoming viruses. Hence it would be quite useful if you had a tool to reproduce attached files for later examination. PacketBlackHole does that with one click.

Attached file

☆ Covered Protocols

PacketBlackHole covers most e-mail protocols.
It stores and analyzes not only internal POP3/SMTP servers but also the external ones to allow for the use as a message archive.
Apart from this , MTA mail archive option is also available for lossless message archiving purposes.

☆ Multi-language capability

In today's globalized society, E-mail messages are inevitably multi-language. Your employee may be exchanging private messages in their mother tongues which you never understand, which sadly make a security hole for information breach. PacketBlackHole displays most major languages decoded. If you do not understand a message in question, probably you could try it on any of the public online translation services to get the idea, if not the details.

Multi national language mail



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