PacketBlackHole Probe

☆ PacketBlackHole opens a new packet-capture world.

PacketBlackHole Probe is a packet-capture software which runs on Windows.
It constantly records the packets by increments,deletes the old packets automatically and stores a certain amount of the packet-data.
The packet-data is recorded on the local hard disk.
Therefore,you can save your work or data before modified, recover the mail data deleted by mistake and reaffirm the instantaneous web page.
The records of PacketBlackHole qualify as admissible evidence, thus the number of company’s that record the external traffic or the data-base traffic is increasing. In the past, cases recording packets through the gateway has been popular. But there are a lot of key aspects that you should record to prevent information leakage.
For example, access into the file server or the data base, personal mobile phones and PC’s for business trips and so on. Under such circumstances, PacketBlackHole Probe brings you closer to the packet-capture world.

PacketBlackHole Probe β.versin download is Here! ☆


☆ The collaboration of the PacketBlackHole Cloud or the PacketBlackHole

Used by the PacketBlackHole Cloud , you can automatically transfer the packet-data from the local to the cloud and analyze it thoroughly without the need for the appliance.
Once analyzed by the the PacketBlackHole,you can recapture a variety of the traffic, e-mail or web mail.

【 Picture of the collaboration 】

※ You can configure the destination of one PacketBlackHole from a number of PacketBlackHole Probe.

☆ The data is recorded in pcap format.

So you can use the packet-capture software commonly-used.

☆ The performance requirement

OS : More than WindowsXP SP3, More than Windows Vista SP3, Windows7
Memory : Atleast 20MB
HDD : Atleast 5GB(including the packet storage area)
Language : English / Japanese

☆ Q&A

☆  Can I record the company-wide packet data?
☆☆ You can record your PC traffic only on the commonly-used PC. You can record the company-wide packet to set the repeater hub on the point where the company-wide packets pass through.
Or you setup the port of the switching hub that configurate the mirror and set up the packet-capture port and connect the hub port with the PC port.So you can record the company-wide packet data.

☆  Can I recaputure the traffic in the past?
☆☆ Yes, you can. You can recapture the packet recorded by PacketBlackHole Probe and analyzed by PacketBlackHole Cloud. For example, the contents of the e-mail, playing the video, etc.

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