☆ E-mail

This is a screen showing results of email analysis. Body texts and content of attached files can be seen in this page.
You can search emails by sending/receiving address, date, subject, body, name of attached files, and text in attached files.

Record of TCP

☆ Web Mail

This is a screen showing results of Web Mail analysis. Body and attachments can be checked here.
You can search by text in body and attachments too.

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☆ File Upload

This is a list of files uploaded in websites. You can look into attachments, and search files by name.

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☆ Movie

This is a page showing results of Movie analysis to check movies watched in YouTube and other websites.
The movies watched are in thumbnail-sized list. You can actually watch or download the movies as well.

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☆ Fulltext Search

You can search by keyword from emails, webmails, uploaded files, posting on BBS, attachment etc cross-sectionally.

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