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  • 2011/04/14
    the beta version of PacketBlackHole Cloud and dedicated software PacketBlackHole Probe began publishing.

    ※This is a beta test only. Regardless of the reason we can use our content, on the basis that any damages suffered or unavailable, discontinued operations and our content, and any losses incurred based on information changes, such as adverse (direct damages, consequential damages, consequential damages, lost profits, including intangible losses such as losses on the program and data information system) also assumes no responsibility.

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Capture and Visualize Communications over the Network

PacketBlackHole not only continually records the data going through the network, but also reconstructs and visualizes the data to facilitate various internal control; discovery of information leakage incidents, provision of employees' activity logs or internal audit.

Robust visualization functionalities let you find the evidence in a breeze

PacketBlackHole explores deep into the contents of each communication packet where conventional server logs are useless.
For an e-mail message, the attached file can be retrieved as well as the body text. For a web access, not only the url but also a message posted to a bulletin board system or the existing messages browsed, a file uploaded to a destination site, a web mail message namely that of infamous Gmail, a tweet over twitter, etc. can all be revealed.
For lately popular video site access, the video in question can actually be played back.
Depending upon the configuration, even the encrypted communication over SSL can be viewed all neatly decrypted.
For MS SQL or Oracle databases, both queries and responses can be reproduced. Potential SQL injection attacks and the the breached data are shown highlighted as well.
A file copied from a file server over the network can instantly be reproduced.
A call over an IP phone can be tapped, recorded and played back later.

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